shoe suggestions

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  1. So I'm going to a wedding in the very near future and decided to wear this dress to the reception (I'm wearing an 'earthier' dress for the morning garden ceremony). I guess I have 2 questions:

    1) do you think this dress is appropriate for a reception;:shrugs: and
    2) what pair of shoes should I wear (I'm thinking something fun and not too distracting since the dress is busy as it is)

    What do you guys think? Although I love louboutins, it's currently out of the question since I've already blown enough money on my two upcoming vacations. Thanks a bunch!

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  2. Hmmmm...I think the dress is super cute but not sure if I'd personally wear it to a wedding reception. I feel like it might be too bare with it being both strapless and on the shorter side. However, the whole dynamic could be changed if you wore a delicate cardigan over it. :yes: Is the reception indoors or out?

    I think shoes like these would look great! They're not flashy but still gorg and not too strappy/bare. Tons of diff colors at the bottom of the page. :tup:;jsessionid=11GHZSW3D505ICQAAKQBACQ?itemId=prod117690001&ecid=NMALRFeedJ84DHJLQkR4&ci_src=14110925&ci_sku=X0NNW