Shoe suggestions?


Nov 1, 2005
Hello all! So, I purchase a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress recently (see pic below), but I am completely torn as to what shoes to wear with it. Also, because it is cold out, I'm thinking of pairing it with a navy-colored tee or turtleneck underneath (because of the navy trim), and maybe some opaque tights. Is that too much?

Cute dress! Don't get the wrong idea here, but I think wearing a turtleneck would look too romper/jumper-ish. I think wearing it with opaque tights in black or navy blue would look cool :biggrin: As far as shoes go.... I have no idea! I'm not good with shoes.
i have a pair of tall tan suede flat boots that would look very nice with that. maybe something similar? and i agree, a tee might make it look jumper-y. opaque tights should be fine, though.
I don't like the idea of anything undeneath it al all! Try wearing a sweater or shrug or cute jacket over it. Depending on the color of accessories that you put with it your could match your shoes to that with a fun punchy color to give it a little flash.
Its a great dress Suli, My opinion would be not to put anything under it, as it would alter how the dress should fall. Try a black
shawl, and as far as foot wear definatly black knee high boots.

I hope this works out for you.
Definitely don't put anything under it! If not boots, I'd wear it with a pair of simple dark navy or black flats. Since it's cold, you could always wear black leggings with it if you like that sort of look. I would definitely not wear it with stilettos or wedges; a thicker heel if you feel that you absolutely must wear heels.
Whatever shoe style you decide, they should be suede, either grey, navy or black...because the dress has texture and it is winter.... Maybe a high stiletto ankle boot if you want a sexy look....Don't put anything underneath, kills the dress, if you need a coverup, a shrug is probably your best bet :smile: