Shoe stretching Advice needed

  1. I needed to know something, I got shoes and they fit well just a little tight in the toe box. Has anyone ever gotten their shoes stretched at a shoe maker before? Does it really make a difference? I need it justin the front, because the heel area fits perfectly. Has anyone had good luck with this? PLEASE ADVISE ME:confused1:
  2. I have had my cobbler stretch shoes before. They can stretched length or width-wise, but not much can be done to the toe box area if they are pointed-toe shoes.
  3. I've had my cobbler stretch several pairs of shoes and it makes them so much more comfortable. My feet are a little wide and sometimes I just don't want to torture myself to break in a pair of shoes. I make sure to tell the cobbler how much I want the shoes stretched so that they don't over stretch the shoe. It's easier to get them stretched a second time than to have them stretch too much on the first try.
  4. Thank you Shoefan and Stinam.. I think I am definetly going to drop them off at the cobbler to have them stretched, how long should it take?
  5. My cobbler leaves them on his machine overnight so the stretch is permanent, and asks me to pick up the next day.
  6. Since almost every pair of shoes is tight on me, I bought a pair of shoe stretchers on eBay. I think they were about $25. They're wood and super sturdy. Because I stretch so many shoes, it was worth it to me to just buy the stretching device myself.
  7. hmmmmm, are those wooden ones the same as they use at the cobbler?

    and the place i called said they would need the shoes for at least a week?!? does that make sense? imo it sounded like a long time
  8. They may need it for a week b/c a lot of places only have one or two stretchers and may have people in front of you. Some of the ones cobblers have use heat. I have a couple of the wooden ones and a metal one and they work great!!!!!
  9. I bought my own shoe stretchers and do it myself. I just had my cobbler sell me the same kind he was using on my shoes. It really helps me break in my shoes so I dont have to deal with all that new shoe pain ..
  10. I did the same exact thing. I even bought a calf stretcher for boots.

    They both work very well can stretch as much or as little as you need.
  11. I need to stretch my shoes over the vamp (top of the foot over arch). Anyone know if the cobbler usually does this? There's a guy in my mall that I'm thinking about going to, but I'd like to know if they usually do that.

  12. I bought shoe tree stretchers at Target for about $7. They work like a charm to widen the toe box.
    There are all kinds of shoe stretchers to stretch every imaginable part of a shoe. It just depends on if your cobbler has that particular stretcher. I know there is one made specifically for vamps.
  13. are there different shoe stretcher for high heels and flats?
  14. Ahhh...I too am going though this right now.....I was so bummed that one of my new SW platform pump shoes seemed tighter then the other and I almost can not bear the pain of it, so I am with you totally.
    I went out and bought a couple shoe stretchers from target and am going to let them sit overnight. I will let you know how it worked for me tomorrow. I AM PRAYING IT WORKS!!!!!
  15. Glad you posted this--I have been thinking about the same thing. My masochistic streak tells me to keep torturing myself, though...