shoe stretcher brand for CLs?

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  1. hi ladies,

    i tried to do a search but couldn't find anything... for those of you who have the wood shoe stretchers, which brand do you recommend for your CLs? and where did you buy them from? i've been looking online and some reviews say that they are not pointy enough to fit into the pointy shoes (pigalles for example), or that they don't work well for high heels...

    i'm trying to stretch out my python pigalles 70mm, and so far, sock trick (wet socks), alcohol swabs, etc, work temporarily, but not for long-term, as it goes back and feels tight all over again the next day.

  2. I don't remember the brand that I have. I do share in the belief that they are not pointy enough to fit into any of my toe boxes, particularly the Decollete which needs the most stretching for me. What I have done for my Pigalle 120 is had them professionally stretched for 24 hours by a cobbler, then took them home and put in a foam shoe tree. Foam shoe trees come in various shapes, and the pointy one I have works well for all of my CLs. The foam shoe tree method stretches the shoes gently and take a long time. (This is how I broke in my Yoyos.) I'd recommend getting any kind of shoe tree, provided that the shape will fit correctly into your Pigalles and placing them inside between uses. It will help keep the shape of the shoe from being tight again.
  3. I think Ledaatomica is THE expert on this. I will wait for her to hop in with detailed advice.
  4. In addition, I've seen descriptions where it says that the stretchers don't work well for anything over 4" so they'd be useless for all 120+

    My shoes contract as well; especially patent (so what else is new?). I thought it was psychological and they only felt tighter on relaxed feet in the morning but I'm not sure anymore. The shoes seem to loosen up shortly but I want a more permanent solution as well.
  5. I'd love to hear some recommendations for shoe stretchers!
  6. The key here is not really the brand but that its a high heel stretcher and not a loafer,boot, flat etc stretcher. I purchased several 'brands' and they all work the same and frankly look the same. I got mine from my cobbler and when I lent them to a friend and couldnt part with them for too long I got another pair from here ShoeAndFootCare <- and yes this fits in the pigalle toe box. I hope this helps. You can also find them cheaper on ebay
  7. thanks ledaatomica!
  8. I have the one above.....and I find it does not fit in my shoes. It does not work.
    I was looking at the medal high heel stretcher and wondering if they work better. They cost a lot more but I would buy it if it works.
  9. I bought mine in the shoe section of Target... I'm not really an expert so I don't know what you get with a more expensive one.
  10. I use the same one ledaatomica does. I don't own any Pigalles, but I haven't had any problems getting it into the toebox of my other CLs (and non-CL high heels).
  11. Maybe I have the wrong size.....what size did y'all buy in the wood one.
  12. Ladies, It doesnt have to be fully/comfortably in to work. If you need to widen the toe area this is the right tool that your cobbler will use. To keep the stretcher locked in I tie some robe or ribbon around the stretcher and shoe. However if you are attempting to widen the toe box's height then this is definately not your tool you need a toe box lifter.

    I am afraid I havent tried any metal stretchers. I bought a medium size of wooden stretcher for the 6.5-8.5 shoe size range. My shoes are all 37-38
  13. oh yes I know but mine does not go in them at all. It does in my Fendis and booties but not my Manolos or CLs.

    Well I might just try the Metal and make sure there is a return policy.
  14. Omg!! I didn't even realize something like that existed!!!! That is an answer to my prayers!!!
  15. OMG thank you guys for all your advice!!! off to hunt for some now... wish me luck!