Shoe Storage?

  1. Any good ideas? I have a tiny closet with those fold out closet doors :sad:
  2. lol i have mine all stuffed under my bed :sad: and lying round the house but i dont buy expensive designer shoes but i do have about 40 pairs cramped up under there... poooooor poooooor shoes!
  3. I keep all my shoes in their original boxes, and mark the styles/color on the sides. It depends if you're organized or not, because you have to put back all the boxes you pull out. I helped a friend of mine organize her closet this weekend (she and it was a mess!) and used the expandable and stackable shoe racks from The Container Store (on sale this week too!). They fit right under her rack of shirts/skirts. She also has those accordian closet doors. She gets to see all of her shoes and also its easier to purge the ones she doesn't use.

    Good luck!
  4. i have a walk-in closet, so i keep all my shoes in their boxes and line them up in stacks on the floor along my side of the closet
  5. :biggrin: thanks for the advice!!
  6. I keep my shoes in clear plastic containers with photos on the outside of the shoes. I also organize according to brand. When I get into everyday non-designer shoes I arrange according to type of shoe ie sneakers,flats,wedges. If you have a IKEA in your area they sell this little shoe rack which comes in cute colors that can help keep them organized. I think they run about 6 or 7 bucks.
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