Shoe Spray on Vernis?!?!

  1. So i just recently recieved the Rosewood in Perle Vernis. There is a white zipper as well as white stitching that runs throughout the bag.
    i am really scared of staining or coloring the stitching as it will not be easy to wipe off like it will on the leather...

    so i was wondering, is it ok to use SHOE PROTECTOR spray on the bag?:confused1:
    i normally spray this spray on my white shorts and front of white tops to prevent stains from setting or getting on, so i was wondering if it would be ok for the vernis leather and stitching.

    thanks for your help!!!
  2. I would be way afraid to use it, personally. Perle Vernis can discolor over time, and I'd be afraid that anything I sprayed on it might also discolor it, or hasten the discoloring process, kwim?

    but I know what you mean about staining the stitching...hmm...maybe if you're really careful, and cover EVERYTHING but the stitches you're spraying? but I would be too afraid too!