--- Shoe sizing. Need some help/measurements. TIA ladies! ----

  1. Hi ladies,

    Firstly sorry if there is a thread about this elsewhere, I did a search and didn't find anything. I'm usually in other forums but I have been looking for a pair of black patent shoes for a while and I think I've found the ones I want. :yahoo: Here they are:


    Unfortunately I wear Fendi and Gucci shoes so I wouldn't have a clue about sizing. :push: So I'd like to find out more before I order them. I wear a 39 in Fendi (sizing is consistant) and Anything from a 38 to 39 in Gucci. I was wondering if some of the lovely members here could post what size they wear plus their foot measurements?

    YSL Size: ?
    Length of foot (toe to heel): ? cm
    Width of foot (at widest part): ? cm

    Mine are 24 cm toe to heel and 9 cm in width. Thanks a lot ladies, I'd really like to get these heels... :graucho: