Shoe size question for the mom's

  1. Hi Mom's,

    Hope this question is not too odd, but was curious if your shoe size changed during your pregnancy? If so, were you ever able to fit into your old shoes after delivery?

    Thanks in advance.:flowers:
  2. I dont know if it was pregnancies or simply aging, but yes, my feet have grown since having kids. I don't know how common it is though, so maybe you'll be fine!
  3. Mine haven't changed at all...if anything just a tad bit wider. But, I can probably get rid of the extra chubbiness around the feet somehow. I fit in the same size shoe before, during, & after pregnancy.
  4. I never had this problem. I wore sneakers & clogs during PG b/c heels were a pain w/ the extra weight, but my feet are the same THANK GOODNESS. My DH would have died if I needed new shoes... I have expensive taste and I hope to never have to start over!!!
  5. I had 2 pregnancies and yes, mine absolutely changed size :sad:

    Pre-pregnancies I was a 7, always a 7.
    After pregnancy #1 I was a 7-7.5, after the twins I'm now a 7.5 -8.

    I lost all my weight and am at teh same weight I was before ever being pregnant, it's not weight related. It's very common unfortunately.

    My MIL {mother in law} said it happened to her too, before her 2 pregnancies she was an 8, she's a 9.5 now!

    Both boys were over 10 lbs each, but they say that has nothing to do w/ it.
  6. shoefan, yes, i gained 1/2 a shoe size during and after pregnancy. i was really bummed about it at first because none of my old shoes fit... but then i got over it pretty fast because, it gave me "an excuse" to buy more shoes!:graucho:
  7. My shoe size went up a half size and stayed that way. After I had my last child, i had to buy all new shoes in a size 8 as opposed to the size 7 1/2 I used to wear.
  8. my shoe size did increase about a 1/2 size. they went back to normal after i lost the baby weight.
  9. Yes, my feet changed! I was a 7 1/2 or loose 8 med. before kids. After #1 I was a true 8 med. After child #2. I was a 8 1/2 med. After #3, I became a tight 8 1/2 med- sometimes 9. Now, 12 years after my last (# 3) I have changed again and am pretty much a solid 9!
    I am the same size (the rest of my body) that I was when I got married, and I'm not very big, so it's not because of weight. However I will say the last shift in size that I've had is probably due to my foot bones shifting or widening (AAhhh!:wtf: )
  10. yeah, i lost all my baby weight, but my shoe size is still 1/2 a size bigger. go figure?!:amuse:
  11. Thank you for all of your replies, Mom's!! :tender:

    Looks like one more thing we'll have to budget for. :P
  12. it's normal for shoe size to increase with each pregnancy and it's more common if you've a summer baby (supposedly).
  13. Still a half size larger 13 years later.
  14. Thank you, maria and taco.
  15. Yes, my shoe size went up and stayed up, from a 6 1/2 to a 7 1/2. The oddest thing was that my feet had always been wickedly narrow and went up to being about "average." And my weight went right back down, so...

    If you can, this is a great question to ask your mom because it seems to run in families. My mom's feet did the same thing after she had me.