Shoe shopping help

  1. I would love to buy Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahnik & Christian louboutin everyday, but unfortunately I can’t afford to. How are you guys able to buy so many designer shoes (sample sales, discount shopping, etc.). Please TEACH ME!!!! I have a lot of shoes, but only a couple are designer.
  2. Except for 2 pairs of Prada shoes (for which I paid full price), I have always bought my designer shoes on sale. Not usually at sample sales, either, where the pickings are generally grim and slim. I usually buy mine as soon as I see 30% off sales at major dept. stores. I have also bought them from Yoox and Bluefly online, especially when I have a 10% or 15% off code. In January and July, I always pick up shoes for 50% off. I have purchased at least 5 pairs of Prada shoes this way - at the boutique itself!