Shoe Shoe Bee Doo, a quick-ish reveal!

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  1. This reveal is a little overdue but I just got the last 2 boxes so here goes!
    Any of you lovely ladies around???
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467629006.239942.jpg
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  3. First ones: Paris in Rome pearl flats, it was absolute love at first sight
    They didn't have my size when I saw them but my lovely SAs ordered them in, ecstatic!!

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  4. These were initially heeled but I was desperate for the flats and although impossible to find, my SAs managed an exchange with another shop!!

    ️ them, much prefer them to the heels!
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  5. Wow. Love at first sight for me too!
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  6. loooove!
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  7. And just when I thought I was over the espadrilles, these came along!

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  8. Literal obsession
  9. Thaaaaanks!!
  10. Here come my 2 sale scores!!
    This happened when I walked in to get my previous 3 and was told about the PRE sale
    This were a winner, look incredible on with a tan and are my favourite shade of

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  11. Awesome shoe haul!!!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  12. Thanks lovely!
  13. And for my last box, I got kinda lucky as these were on my wish list when they came out but I thought they were slightly although they were ordered in for me (my shop somehow never has what I want in stock or as part of their buy) I chickened out...

    Anyway, fast forward the sales, I saw them pop back up on the sale loot pics on tPF.
    Showed my shop the pic and said IF they are on sale and IF they can somehow order them again for me, I will take them!!

    Well I guess I stuck to my word

  14. I love the sandals with the bows!
  15. Oh my gosh, so much cuteness here! I especially love the pumps with all the pearl details.