shoe sale?

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  1. I wonder if coach have sales for shoes? I love the Alexia bottie but I dont want to pay FP for it.
  2. right now they are just running a free shipping with shoe purchase promo, but they certainly do run shoe sales - online and in-store - usually around midseason but definitely check online periodically - they will have a shoe sale item in the pop up menu that displays when you roll over shoes in the side menu
  3. thank you :smile:
  4. Yep. Online, in stores, Macy's also has killer shoe sales on Coach as well. I usually pay around 60-80 for my Coach shoes. Sometimes I just wait for the resellers to clear out Macy's stock (they're not limited on how many pairs they can buy, the salesmen love them as they're commission based and it's quite the chunk of change for them) and snag them on eBay so I don't have to pay tax or anything LOL
  5. Watch your local TJMaxx/Marshalls/Nordstrom Rack, I picked up some cool Le Tan sandals last night for 30$!
  6. I end up doing the same thing! It irritates me that the resellers do this, but in the end, I get what I want and am paying less than FP, so I grin and bear it!

    Really Bunny, where? (which store and location??) TIA!
  7. Dulles NR, though since Fairfax one is new that's not a bad one to check either...
  8. Right now my local TJ Maxx and Marshall's have A LOT of Coach shoes and boots. Definitely worth checking those types of stores out!
  9. Thank you ladies! I'm gonna keep my eyes open in those places
  10. Shoe sale in progress!

    Includes fall shoes too!
  11. Yes, some of them are 50% off too!
  12. got some killer coach heels (in between a bootie and a regular heel ~ but with an open toe in the front) from macy's this last weekend ~ they had a whole section of just coach shoes on sale!
  13. maes ~ alexia bootie is $129.00 on sale on!! looks like a sale was just put up earlier today!!
  14. Thank u nutrihuney!

    Lubbtopshop- I did see it but black one in my size is sold out!!!! :/ I'm gonna go and see how the chocolate one is
  15. the alexia is a beauty, but i was hoping more for a closed toe...
    dang coach and the shoe sale!!
    i just purchased the natale boot and the aliza bootie. :X
    let's hope DB isn't home when the package arrives...