Shoe sale + Nordstroms = me happy!

  1. Nordstroms is having a shoe saleeeeee!! 33% off!!! I ussally never ever find things but this time if feel like i hit the jackpot...i got four, yes FOUR pairs of coach shoes!!!

    • Flip flops
    • 2 pairs of tennies (its crazy but i was looking through all my tennies and i have NO white tennies!! hehe and today i found TWO!!!)
    • a pair of mary janes/ballet flats whatever you wanna call them!!!
    im soooo excited!!
  2. Might have to swing in Fri now that I know some Coach Stuff fits.
  3. Congratulations on all your shoes. I wish I could find a sale like that. I saw one pair of clogs and not in my size. Sounds like you had fun!
  4. Congrats! please post pics.
  5. Um, yes we need PICS!!!
  6. Congrats on your haul!
  7. hehe thanks you guys are so sweet!! Ok so heres where ditsy ol me comes in....i took pics on my digi, but i dont know how to get them from my camera to my computer hahahahahah yes i have blonde highlights, no im not naturally blonde ;)

    But my bf is coming over later tonight and i will for sure make him teach cant be that hard. I know its probably just plug and download but i dont want to screw anything up! :sad:

    But i promise, pics by late this evening!!


    you guys made me smile :smile:...yes more than the shoes if you can believe it! hehe
  8. If i were you id got QUICK! I saw another pair of tennies that i liked but i couldnt hold them all and i went back to get them and someone else had snatched them (not that im complaining, i mean i didnt REALLY neeeeeeeed 3 tennies!!)

    but my point...they coaches are selling out like hotcakes (does anyone use that term anymore?) hehe


  9. haha come to az...the land of people that have nothing better to do than shop! haha :smile: i was suprised to see how many different coach shoes they had and they had in almost all sizes....but my SA said it was because i came the day the sale started and coach always goes first! :smile:
  10. they had white tennies - kind of like ur pastel ones but with silver c's....another white pair with grey c's without a lace but the pull across thingy...they have the platform slides you have hmmm i saw a couple pair of espireldas (ok i cant spell) but they were really really uncomfy....and i saw that flip flop platform with the bee hmmm and the flip flops i got are just the signature print in black!!!

    Hope that helps! Ill try to get my pics up ASAP!! :smile:


  11. I will be there tomorrow at 10 sharp when they open the doors!!!! Man I think in my last post in another thread less then 5 minutes ago I said no more shopping... HELP ME!!!!! I can't help myself when it comes to a sale.
  12. By any chance do you remember how much the platform slides ones like I have were on sale for?
  13. Congrats!!! nice haul!
  14. Congrats! Pics please!