shoe return policy

  1. How strict is Coach on the shoe return policy? I ordered 2 pairs of boots because I ddint know which one I would like better. They both came in, and one pair looked like I was the very first person to open the box. On the other pair, the soles were *gently* scuffed, not dirty, just scuffed, as if people had been trying them on in the store. I still havent decided which pair I am keeping, but I am just getting a little worried that I might have trouble returning the pair with the scuffs, should that be the pair I decide to return. Am I going to have a hard time returning these? I really dont want them to look at me like I'm trying to return something I already wore. How strict are they?
  2. I would just bring the boots back and tell them this is how they arrived to you. You paid for perfect boots and these are not. Don't worry...Coach is great about returns. :smile:
  3. i would bring them back asap they are not as great when it comes to shoes trust me on that one!!!
  4. Ya I agree take them back asap! So they know you did not wear them
  5. I had the same thing happen to me last month with a pair of the Babs (metallic) flats. They arrived with the bottoms of both of the flats all scuffed up and you could see little dents in the heels from pebbles, etc. I called up my Coach SA right away and explained that I couldn't give my mother a used pair of the Babs flats to her for Christmas. My SA ordered me a new pair of the flats from JAX and had them shipped out 2nd Day Delivery, free of charge. I returned the used pair of flats to my local Coach store. Since that incident, I carefully inspect all Coach shoes for any signs of wear before purchasing or I ask the SA to order them directly from JAX.