shoe return policy at saks? help!

  1. hi guys :smile: i bought these really cute prada wedges from Saks last week, before going on vacation. i wore them for a couple hours one day while on vacation, and my feet were DYING. i had the worst blisters on my toes. :sad:

    i was wondering if anyone knows if i would still be able to return the shoes at Saks, even though theyve been worn? the shoes are SO cute, but now i know they are just gonna sit in my closet

    any help? thanks!
  2. I don't know of any store that will let you return used merchandise. I think the best thing will be to sell them on eBay, or break them in more.
  3. Hiya! Oddly enough, I just returned a pair of worn shoes to SF Saks over the weekend. And I bought them in April (but only wore them like four times). They were a pair of Dior flats which ate the devil out of the back of my heels!! :tdown: So ultra cute, but they had to go back. I called the store ahead of time, asked them what to do, and they said bring them back. I am a fairly frequent shopper, and I ended up returning them to a salesguy who has helped me before. I wouldn't say they were thrilled, but they did it. Exchanged them out for a really cool pair of Manolos!:p

  4. thanks! i called them and explained the situation to them and said i should bring them in also. yay!