Shoe repairs question? Charlotte Olympia

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  1. Hello!

    I have worn my charlotte olympia kitty flats to death. One of them is FAR worse off then the other. Where my big toe is on one side I have worn a hole completely through! In addition, the leather inner-sole seems to have come unglued and has slipped clean off and needs to be glued back down. Also! The VERY front of the shoes (they are velvet) on the very tip of them, the material has been worn down and a hole is beginning to appear. Is it possible to get all of these damages fixed? Or not worth it? (They were $600 :S ) How much do repairs normally cost? Is there anyway to prevent this sort of thing on future shoes?
  2. There isnt much that can be done to upper fabric that is worn through.
    Velvet especially cannot be patched.

    Inner linings can always be glued back down. You can easily purchase leather glue and stick it back down yourself.
  3. Hmm... sounds like you need a new pair. Good luck!