Shoe repair recommendations - Northern NJ

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good shoe repair guy in Northern NJ? I purchased a pair of patent prada pumps from Saks last month, and noticed after I wore them that there is a small circular nick on the heel where the patent leather is missing. :cursing: Love these shoes but I'm scared that the hole will get bigger and don't know where to bring them to get it repaired. These are the patent leathers that look like they kinda have a metallic sheen to them. Almost like a metaic car paint as my DH would say.

    Please help!!
  2. Call Saks....they might repair at their cost....or they will tell you a local they use. That place is normally the best or the store would not use them.
  3. Look up Rago Brothers in Morristown. They are the best, but a little on the pricier side... then again, what would you expect? Every high-end store in Short Hills Mall sends their repairs to them. They have replacement hardware from all the big labels too...

    The only minus against them is I had asked that they put re-inforcement 'v' tips under the toes of my stilettos, and they didn't have them.
  4. thanks ladies! I will call Saks and see what they say and also check Rago Brothers! :biggrin:
  5. I would bet that Saks in Short Hills sends their repairs to Rago Brothers. However, if you can get the store to repair it, that might save you the repair cost.