Shoe repair and/or tailor in SF/Bay?

  1. Hi there! I'm new to the Bay Area (just moved up from LA a couple of months ago) and am still getting adjusted, but currently I'm in dire need of both a good shoe repair place and a good tailor (I'm going to be the MOH for my best friend in August, and I just got my dress but it's super long!). I know where to go in LA, but here.. I'm at a total loss. :shame:

    I know a lot of you ladies here are from the Bay Area -- I thought I'd check and see if there are any recommendations here first! I live in the East Bay but work in SF, so either place would be great. If it's a really good tailor/shoe repair place, I'd even drive to the South Bay! Thanks in advance :amuse:
  2. Shoe & Leather Service. It's on 70 2nd street downtown between Market and Mission (In the financial district) The store is called shoe & leather service 415.546.4116 I don't live in SF anymore, I live in NY, but I will still hold all my shoe repairs and wait until I visit the bay and goto this store to have this guy fix it. They do shoe repairs for Neiman Marcus, Gucci, etc and they're good. One time my dolce & gabbana wedge broke in half. He fixed it!!! I also love it because it's a mom and pop shop.

    Also, they do have a tailor. I took my fox collared jacket there once because the fur was falling off, (shoot, it didn't occur to me that on top of the outrageous prices you have to pay for fur, you gotta pay more to take care of it too) and they fixed it perfect.

    Hope this helps