Shoe-ready for spring and summer! - Reveal -

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  1. They are fantastic Stephanie! So perfect for the warmer months!
  2. stephanie, they're fab!! Perfect for warmer weather! Congrats!
  3. Fab summer shoes, Stephanie! Congrats! :smile:
  4. Thank you LouboutinNerd, Panda and sakura!!!

    I can't wait to show them off in spring and summer ;)
  5. Very cute! I love the look of wedges. It makes me wish for summer (even though we're expecting a blizzard tomorrow :sad:)
  6. I love how you can wear those with shorts, skirts and pants - very versatile, classic yet comfy looking - well done!
  7. Very cute, congrats!
  8. lawgirl78 a blizzard?? OMG I hate kinda weather!! BTW :ty:

    katran26 - Thank you. the would look great to skinny jeans :biggrin:

    PyAri - Thank you!!!
  9. Adorable wedges! Who carries them and do they come in other colors?
  10. Love these wedges, stephanie! And you're
    right - they DO look better on you!!!
  11. so cute! where do you get them? do they come in nude?
  12. Very cute and you are right, they look great on you.
  13. vhdos - thank you! honestly I dont have any idea if they are available in other colors.:smile:

    Thank you, amazigrace!!

    They were listed on ebay, caterpillar! :ty:

    Thank you kett!! I like yours in the avatar ;)
  14. I just love 'em and they look fantastic on you!
  15. Yay!! The PZ wedges are fabulous. They look great on you! Bring on the sunshine :sunshine: