Shoe-ready for spring and summer! - Reveal -

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  1. stephanie that's a really cute and fun wedge!
  2. Thank you authenticplease, heat97, phiphi and jancedtif!!! They only costed 70 EUR ;)
  3. Cute wedges! Love them! I'm a huge CL wedge lover too, I just can't get enough of them!
  4. Love those wedges, they look fun and cool.
  5. Cute Wedges!
  6. They look gorgeous on you and will be perfect for summer. Congrats.
  7. :biggrin:I really like CL wedges too, meggyg8r! Thank you!

    Thank you sobe2009, Shainerocks and Alice!!:yahoo:
  8. They DO look better on you ;)
  9. great shoes!
  10. OH YES ! you are ready ! They will go with everything ! =)
  11. they're adorable, stephanie, and what an fabulous deal! congrats. :tup:
  12. awesome, they are indeed perfect summer shoes!!! and yes they look fantastic on you!
  13. very cute and perfect for summer!!!
  14. Cute wedges!
  15. Thank you oo_let_me_see, sara999, carlinha and dezynrbaglaydee!!

    I will wear them to a flowy summer dress or skinny jeans ;) Vodkaine, thank you!

    YaYa3 I think so too! ;)

    :ty: ladies! You are too nice ;)