Shoe-ready for spring and summer! - Reveal -

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  1. Hey CL addicts!
    I am ready for spring and summer to come and show off these cool wedges!
    I don't have a collection thread yet because my collection needs to grow first ;)

    Source: passionlouboutin

    but to be honest, I think they look better on me :P

    please excuse the bad quality of the pictures! I tried to take it with my brother's camera but my notebook wasn't able to open all of them... sorry!!


  2. cute wedges!
  3. very cute!
  4. Thanks surlygirl and erinmiyu!!!
  5. They look great on you!
  6. Thank you lulabee!! ;)
  7. Lovely summer wedges! They look amazing on you ...
  8. Thank you Ilgin!!
  9. So fun! Congrats!
  10. Thank you so much for everything JetSetGo! !!!
  11. so cute and summery!
  12. Thanks rdgldy!! they scream sping and summer :biggrin:
  13. Very cute and perfect for the warmer weather!
  14. very cute i cant wait for the warm weather!!
  15. Love that wedge Stephanie!