shoe quality?

  1. is there some type of warranty/guarantee for shoes?
    i LOVE my new lurex sneakers, but the front leather part is detaching, i guess?
    i've only worn them twice and took much better care with these than i did my other kates, so i'm thinking it's a defect sort of deal.
    am i stuck with these shoes? i don't really want another pair. i'd rather have my money back, if possible.
  2. Hm...I don't know....all mine are in great shape..including my sneakers.... Call the store and ask.
  3. That's what was going on with my "brand new" shoes I got. It was peeling away already! And they hadn't even been worn. I resold them on ebay. :/
  4. do you think coach will stand by the quality of shoes as much as the quality of bags?
    it's just disappointing, you know? for $120, they ought to not start falling apart after 2 wears.
    cause if i can take them back, i'd gladly go for a store credit- i need a bag for my trip anyways. but beyond that, i'm swearing off coach shoes...
  5. ^^ Yes they will. they will take them back and give you your money. Coach is really good about this.
  6. i figured as such.
    which is good. :smile:
  7. ^^thats why i was hesistant of of the lurex i was going to buy this weekend, the gold looked shoddy. let us know if it works out!