shoe problem... help me choose a color~

  1. hi there, I found these really cute fly london shoes on eBay and I initially wanted the blue but they dont' have them in my size so I'm stuck with choosing between red and orange...

    I have no idea which pair to pick as they are not my usual taste but I have to say I love this style



    Imagine someone walking down the street with a pair of skinnies and these on.. which pair pops out at you more (and in the good way)?
    and I just want to thank you guys in advance for giving me advice and helping me choose...
    Its rare I'm so obsessed over a pair of funky shoes... I'm usually either in plain leather flats or stilletos... its strange for me to like something that's bright and young although Im 21

    and the blue pair that I love but are out of size 8s

  2. wow, interesting shoe! I think the red/pink one looks cooler, the color pops more. It's such a funky shoe, go with the funkiest color I say :p
  3. I like red out of all.
  4. red.
  5. I'm with Savannah. You can always use a pair of red shoes, but orange is not only harder to fit into as many ensembles, it is a color that comes and goes with trends, whereas red is such a classic that for some people, it's a neutral!
  6. Lol I was going to say blue then I saw they didn't have your size. I like the red and pink ones, those are cute.
  7. Red
  8. Going to go against the flow here! I don't like the red and orange together on one shoe, so I'd get the orange. It looks nice and clean with the white highlights
  9. Red