SHOE PROBLEM? Find your solutions here! The CL STORAGE Chat thread

  1. Does anyone know if Ikea still carries the Billy Doors with the little handle? All I see online are the push ones...
  2. This may be a silly question but for those of you who have shoe closets, do you clean the soles every time you wear them out and before you put them back in your closet? It seems like such a hassle to me (I'm really lazy! :shame:smile:.
  3. ^ I do not. I make sure there isn't any gunk or gum or heavy residue on the bottom and if there is, I'll remove it first. Other than that I don't clean the sole. I have glass shelves in my shoe-case so I do like to make sure any excess 'stuff' isn't on the bottom of the sole because it can easily be seen.
  4. I don't either. Pretty much like Celtic, if they are manky I'd give them a clean otherwise straight on to the shelf.
  5. How do you ladies keep the inside of the soles so clean?
  6. I just make sure my feet are clean before putting my shoes on, esp. if I'm changing into them from wearing flip flops outside...
  7. That's what i'm thinking! My Ikea case is busting at the seams and I have shoe boxes on top, underneath and to the side. Hmmmm....
  8. I have this mahogany wood cabinet, lacquered, no windows, not much if any air coming through, and because I ran out of space in my closet, I'm wondering if storing a couple of the shoes in there will hurt them... I'm in doubt if the wood will dry out the leather because one of the pairs is jazz/polished leather.

    I know they say to keep them in the dustbags :p but in my opinion this just doesn't do them right. And I like to look at them when opening the cabinet.
    And I definitely don't want to keep them in boxes for same reason as above plus I've been told by a shoemaker that boxes can tend to dry out leather overtime. This had me wondering if wood could have the same effect!

    What are your opinions on storing CLs in a wooden cabinet?
  9. Generally, items such as shoes and bags are thought to be best in a cool, dry place, and are often shipped with Silica Gel to keep them dry on their journey. I don't think a wood cabinet would be a problem.
  10. Thank you very much! I'll store them in my cabinet without fear :smile: