Shoe Pain?

  1. I was at Nordstrom a while ago trying on heels and attempting to walk around without looking like an idiot (I stuggle, it's sad). However, one of the pairs I tried on was incredibly painful, to the point where even standing in them hurt. The saleswoman laughed at me and said, "You just need to wear heels more! They won't hurt once you start wearing them all the time!"

    Is this true? I try and avoid heels (much to my dismay as I'm a lowly 5'3) as I have never owned a pair of heels that didn't chafe and cause blisters by the end of the night. Whenever I wear heels it manages to hurt somewhere on my feet, so I really have a hard time believing her!

    What do you ladies think? Am I just purchasing ill-fitting shoes? (I am a 4.5 narrow, which is EXTREMELY hard to shop for without spending an arm and a leg :sad:)

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. I wear heels almost every day and yes, they still freakin' hurt my feet after awhile.

    I had an 8th grade teacher who wore 4 inch heels every single day and always by lunchtime she was in the slippers she kept underneath her desk. Her limit was apparently 5 hours of constant standing in heels.

    If the shoes are hurting you that much when you first put them on, then there's something wrong with the shoe vs. your foot. It's definitely not the right shoe for you! I'm sure there are a pair out there though that won't kill your feet as soon as you step into them.
  3. My friends joke with me that they have NEVER seen me in anything but heels, except at the gym & the occasionally Ugg outting. I still have heels that hurt, matter of fact I have one that makes all my toes go numb but I love the shoe so I put up with it. Shoes are meant to be enjoyed so if they make you miserable, they aren't the right pair.
  4. my mother wears heels everyday of her life!! Literally its not even a joke, she is ALWAYS in 4" heels or more. Some of them hurt some dont, the trick is finding good pairs of shoes for your feet
  5. I feel a lot of pain also. I find it nearly impossible to find a perfect shoe and mainly purchase orthapedic shoes and they can be so ugly!
    I can handle kitten heels but not the cheap made ones because I find the insoles have these bumps at the seams that they hurt the bottom of my feet.
  6. This is going to be a stretch, but can anyone recommend a brand of shoes that:
    a. you have found to be reasonably comfortable
    b. comes in size 4.5
    c. runs narrow
    d. don't look like shoes your grandma would wear (unless she is very fashionable grandma :p)
  7. not necessarily! i don't think you ever get used to them, rather, you put up with the pain lol - also depends on the pair

    i once was in excruciating pain just from trying on a pair of flats!!

  8. I purchased cole haan nike air heels. They are the most comfortable heels Ive ever worn. I dont wear heels often so I feel your pain (literally). I do pretty good in the cole haan shoes. I can last about 7 to 8 hours till my feet are too tired. I think thats just my foot not being used to heels. I dont know if they come in narrow, but its worth an attempt.
  9. Ah! I know what you mean! I tried on a pair of the cole haan "Fiona High Air" and they were in fact quite comfortable, but at 3.5 inches and with such a skinny heel they were a bit too high. Such hot shoes too..:crybaby: