Shoe pads free from nordstrom!!!

  1. I dont know if anyone is aware of this, because i was not until yesterday. But Nordstrom will give you those balls of feet pads for your feet if you buy shoes from them. I bought a pair of heels yesterday and i was complaining to my friend that the sole is a little thin and my feet could end up hurting in those shoes. The sales looked at me and told me that they give out those pads for free...he gave me like 10 of them. It beats spending 7 bucks for a pair of pads from dr. scholls!!!
  2. Thanks for posting, I'll definitely have to remember that!:yes:
  3. hmm i hope this goes for all Nordstroms. will definitely ask for a pair !
  4. Yes, they will also give you heel grips too. I always ask for them whether I need them or not.
  5. Macys does this too.
  6. macys has them too and gives them out for free as well. They also have the strips that go on the back of your heel so you won't get blisters from rubbing on them
  7. OHH i need to go get some now.
  8. Yes, Nordstrom is great! All you need to do is ask. :tup:
  9. Thanks for the info, I knew Nordies have really good cs but never knew they would go all out to make ur feet feel tad bit better!
  10. Saks has them and gives them out also.
  11. Wow! Thanks for sharing.. I had no idea they were giving that stuff for free with shoes. How is the quality of the padding? Are they comparable to dr. scholls?
  12. The ones Nordie give out are OK. But I like my foot petals. They provide a little more cushion than the generic ones. Haven't tried Dr. Scholls.
  13. The ones that I have gotten from Nordie's are OK, but not great. You can also get them for free from Nine West if you ask them.
  14. another tpfer had recommended the foot petals to me and they are wonderful. Works like a charm. They are pricier than most but they are worth it.
  15. Thanks for posting.. I didn't know this, will ask next time I visit Nordstrom :flowers: