Shoe Opinion Requested Please

  1. What do you guys think of these shoes? I really like peeptoe and the fact that they're platform shoes that give me some much needed height is just icing. Best of all, they're only $100.

    Do I sound like I'm convincing myself already? :lol:
  2. They are cute
  3. I think they look most classic in the black :smile:
  4. They are cute! Who are they made buy? Love the price too.
  5. I really like them.
  6. I love the style. However, they look like knockoffs of Christian Louboutin - they even have the red sole, which kind of bugs me.
  7. me likey.
  8. agreed. they're still cute tho!
  9. Very cute!

    I agree about the CL red sole copy though :sad:
  10. They are cute and quite attractive...I say why not as long as you love them