Shoe neglect

  1. Spinoff idea from the thread "Do your other shoes pale in comparison"

    How many shoes do you no longer wear, or no longer even want to wear, since you started buying CLs? Do you not want to wear low-end shoes since wearing CLs?

    I have somewhere around 30-40 pairs that I completely ignore and dont even think about wearing now that I have CLs. These are non-premier designers, I still wear my Manolos, Zanottis and D&G, although not as often as CL....but the rest sit packed away and neglected.
  2. I dont wear any of my 200+ lower end shoes. I feel bad for them, but wont wear them. Lately I have been giving them away or sending them to cousins in Greece or just to my house there. When im there in the summer I wear lower end shoes because im afraid of ruining the good ones, due to all the walking & roads.
    Is everyone like this? Once you get a taste of the caviar you dont want the jelly? lol if that makes any sense at all
  3. Nope...not really. I will only neglect a shoe when I get tired of wearing it often or if I find a better replacement.
  4. yup i neglect all my lower end shoes now and i stopped buying more
  5. I definitely buy less non-CLs, non-premier designer shoes than I do CLs, but they are not more neglected than my CLs. I mean, there are even some CL styles I feel I have outgrown and have not been worn in over a year, so I feel like an equal opportunity neglecter.
  6. Not really, I adore the CL heels but I live in an enviroment where I get to wear flats, ridingboots etc... a lot, and I am not a huge fan of CL flats prefer by far Casadei's Prada, Miu Miu boots etc. as well as some lower end ones. I hava pair of black python "riding" boots which I wear a lot. The brand isn't that important to me but quality of leather fabrication and style are.
  7. I try not to neglect any of my shoes, since they're all different. I only have around 20 pairs, so they all get a pretty decent rotation in my wardrobe. My CLs and Manolos are my favorites, though :love:
  8. I wear my Jimmy Choos and Louboutins about the same. To be honest the Jimmy Choos are more comfortable and I haven't bought any CLs in black so all my black pumps are Jimmy Choo.

    Today I have my Payless loafers on. It's raining. I don't love wearing my good shoes out in the rain or snow.
  9. Since the start of my CL fervor, which began Dec '07 (Omg, it's only been 2 months! I feel like I've been hunting for a while now...), I have noticed that myself falling into this neglectful phase.

    The stacks of shoeboxes--which were, most importantly, alphabetized by brand--are now divided into a social hierarchy… and then alphabetically, of course. CL and Pedro Garcia are in the ‘Do-No-Wrong class.’ Gucci and Marc Jacobs are in the ‘middle-class.’ Charles David used to be defined as ‘middle-class,’ but is now barely hanging on, and seems to only be saved by this pair of high-calf boots that I can't get over. Kenzie, Guess, BCBG, JCrew are now ‘lower-class’ and have been overly neglected.

    Almost a year ago, I went through a shoe collection overhaul, and now, through the grace of eBay selling, it is devoid of anything I haven't looked at for a few months--a few years even. The shoes I have left I am very happy with and have not intentionally neglected. However, there is just some allure with the CLs. The excitement of seeking opportunity to wear them is so motivating; the thrill of wearing them is an irreplaceable ‘high.’

    I will probably not go back to buying low-end shoes. I’ve come to adapt a new mentality: Instead of buying many, many good shoes, I can buy a few great shoes and feel fabulous all the time! :balloon:
  10. I don't really neglect any of my shoes. If they don't get any wear for a few months- I sell them (that way I can buy more gorgeous CLs!)
  11. I must admit that I do somewhat neglect my 'cheaper' shoes. I wear them for clubbing or occasions where I know they will get dirty or wet and only wear more expensive shoes on special occasions or times when I know they'll be respected by the bottoms of other people's feet!

    I don't just wear my CL's. I tend to wear a lot of my Chanels, Lanvin and Coach boots when the weather's nice.

    I've given away a lot of my shoes that I no longer wear so I can have more closet space for nicer shoes! :p
  12. :lol:
  13. Nope, not me. I wear a lot of my non-CL shoes, low end and high end (pucci, Marni, etc.), depending on the occasion.
  14. I don't neglect my other shoes, but they don't make my heart sing like CLs do. I wear a lot of flats and wedges, so I save my CLs for evening or going out. I'm a stay at home mom (besides my 8 hour a week job to get me out of the, so I'm mostly in Havaianas flipflops (a crying shame, I know). lmbo!
  15. I no longer wear lower end shoes now, except for calvin klein kid leather ballet flats, which are really comfortable! All of the shoes on my shelf now are Louboutins, Chanel or Manolos. OK, so J Crew flip flops at the beach too...