shoe marks on feet?

  1. sorry if im a little off topic...i mean..this is "beauty" to me!

    i have been wearing sandals that have left deep purple shoe marks on where the "bands" cross over on my feet...they are not bruises because i don't feel pain when i push down on it...i am sure all of you gals have seen this phenomenon before!

    can anyone tell me whether there are creams out there that can diminish their appearance?? i am now scared to wear other sandals's too hot out therE!!

    please help!!!!! thanks!!!!:crybaby:
  2. help??
  3. They should fade of their own accord, if the weather is very hot where you are right now, your feet will have swelled up anyway, so it may take a few days to right itself.
    It sounds to me like the shoes are maybe a bit too tight if they are leaving obvious marks like that?
  4. I also have those purple/red marks on my feet. They're on the same exact place on each foot. I haven't found anything that will get rid of them - but I did notice that they fade with time. Basically, I have them all summer - but for the rest of the year you can't see them.

    Are the sandals that you're wearing leather? I have a pair of Leather Scholl Wooden sandals that have suede on the inside of the strap. Well, my feet sweat when it's hot, and sweat + suede + skin doesn't result in a good outcome.
  5. yeah..suede on the inside of the strap...but they are so ugly right now i really can't stand them!!!!! any creams out there?
  6. No creams that I know of it will just take time.
  7. oh...thanks then
  8. I think you just have to wait it out...
  9. you could try exfoliating... wont be bad for your feet, might make it better! good luck!
  10. I have these too. Only thing to do is wear different shoes for a while. I wear my sneakers when I'm shopping and "save" the sandals.
  11. I have a Chaco tan...LOL...but any red marks or swelling marks go away after a few minutes. Maybe because Chacos have nylon webbing straps instead of suede? That seems odd that your marks are staying so long. Is it dye rubbing off the leather?
  12. it's not the dye...they are just marks left by constant suede abrasion ...i';ve been wearing different shoes for about a week now..we'll see..will keep u guys updated!
  13. When your marks fade you might want to find a lubricating product (such as BodyGlide) to put on the places you had the marks, in order to prevent them. Look on outdoorsy/athlete merchandise websites, as hikers and runners use these kinds of products pretty frequently.
  14. This might seem wierd...but my mom suggested this to me and it REALLY works. Between pedicures, it is really helpful to scrub your feet using half a lemon. Basically, you cut it in half and scrub your feet with it...Im sure this sounds insane, but my mom has the most flawless feet EVER...and this is her secret...Hope this helps :smile:
  15. Maybe self-tanner will make the marks less obvious?