shoe inserts

  1. Hello,

    So i bought a pair of manolos online and it thought they would fit fine. BUT they turn out to be pretty loose and now im walking around with the shoe halfway flying off my feet. Im concerned that im gonna break my ankles in these 4 inchers. SO my question is....

    if your shoe is too big, what INSERTS do you use to make your shoe fit? Or what can i do??
  2. i use regular shoe inserts and heel grips.. if they're super loose, you might wanna try both, if not one or the other should work
  3. What are heel grips?

  4. It's this little rubber strip that you can buy at any pharmacy store... i.e. duana reade or walgreens, etc... and you place it inside your shoe at the back, where the heel part goes. I'll try to find a picture and attach it for you :smile:
  5. Ok i found a picture of them. I'm pretty sure this is it.:biggrin:
  6. dr scholls
  7. Thanks! :smile: