Shoe ID: Hillary Duff

  1. Would anyone happen to know what brand her shoes are. I absolutely love them. Thanks in advance.

  2. This is just an uneducated guess, but Manolos?
  3. I just saw these on a model on the today show a couple of days ago and I can't seem to remember who they're by.
  4. ^^^It's totally bugging me too. LOL I want to say Jimmy Choo, but I can't find them to back up my guess.
  5. wow those shoes have a lot going on
  6. giuseppe zanotti?[​IMG]
  7. I'll try to check all those out. Thanks again, ladies.
  8. They might be Christian Louboutin. I read an interview lately by her saying she LOVES his shoes. Just a guess though.
  9. ^^^no red sole from what I can see
  10. ^Sorry, was just a wild guess. I don't really even know anything about Louboutins, as my most expensive pair of shoes ever was $80. lol.
  11. ^^^there are a few Louboutin junkies in here haha

    I'm still stumped and it's killing me. LOL
  12. I can't ID the shoes but I sure wish she'd go back to being blonde. That dark hair is not very becoming on her.

  13. agreed