Shoe Hive~Winter Sale 30%-60% Off(Good Deals!) & Warehouse Sale 2/07*Alexandria, VA

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    50% OFF

    60% OFF

    All our Fall and Winter merchandise
    is now 50- 60% off!
    Shop online or come in today before it's all gone!

    Mark your calendars for our 5th Annual
    Warehouse Sale- February 7th!

  2. Thanks for posting this, I usually get a notice in the mail, but haven't received one yet! It's usually a madhouse, but could be worth it.
  3. have you, lexs, or anyone else ever been? is the merch good and worth it to go even if it's crazy?
    im considering buying these but final sale scares me about shoes.
  5. I haven't been in a couple of years, when it was at a smaller venue. I got there towards the end of the day, so things were picked over - I'm not one for duking it out in crowds. If you do want to go and get the best stuff, go early!
  6. Pearlisthegurl - I would be scared about final sale too on the Missoni's. If you really are into them, I would try them on elsewhere (either at a store or a place with free shipping and returns, like zappos) before ordering them from shoe hive. Great price though.
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