Shoe Help

  1. Hubby muttered the words "go buy yourself something." Um hello I will be at Neiman when the store opens tomorrow (okay I have a sick toddler...surely he won't mind being carted off to the mall?!). Anyway I'm thinking ballet flats. I live in flats. Would they be a good investment? I know he's thinking $600-700 so another purse is out. I don't need a wallet so I'm thinking shoes.

    Thoughts?! Thanks!
  2. Chanel ballet flats are classic- you can wear them forever so yes, they are a good investment imo.
  3. I just got my first pair of Chanel flats for $675. I was really on the fence bc for that money I could have gotten a really hot pair of manolos or louboutins. Now that I have the Chanel flats I am so in love, I can wear them with so many outfits, they are so comfortable, classy, chic, and pretty! (And will get so much more wear than some lizard or water snakes sandals that I could have bought instead at that price pt)
  4. ^ Which flats did you get? Pics?
  5. Hmm, words I will never hear coming from the mouth of my DH :roflmfao:

    I agree with the idea of the Chanel ballet flats. The ones I have seen are very cute especially the spectator style. Looking forward to seeing pics of whatever you get.
  6. the ballet flats are super comfy -- and since I don't have a huge need for heels - I think it makes good sense to put the money on your feet!!