Shoe help! Robert Clergerie and Anna Sui

  1. Hi! I have never purchased either of these brands and actually I am new to couture shoes in general (I usually get aerosoles). I have somewhat wide feet and muscular calves (It is my build, I am a size 6). This affects my shoe selection because I look terrible in petite shoes or thin heels... Also, I have been a size 7.5 my whole life but the last 2 pairs of Aerosoles (which had straps) I had to go up to an 8... So with that said, I found 2 pairs of shoes I love but no returns are accepted as they are on sale. Can you tell me your opinions on the brands and the sizing? Should I order 7.5, 8, or should I just forget them? I hate to buy both and spend 300 and never use the shoes. Do you like one better than the other?
    Here they are
    Robert Clergerie
    Anna Sui

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Well the Anna Sui's are now sold out in my size so I am going to get the Robert's in 8. Hopefully I will like them and they will fit. If you have any thoughts I would still appreciate them though. Thanks.
  3. Hi agnes! I think you made a right choice! I love Anna Sui, I have one pair of the laser cut mary jane(not the sling-back one though). They are very comfortable shoes, but remember usually Anna Sui shoes run small, I have tried both styles on, I think you should order a half size up if you still want them. For me,the reason why I didn't choose the sling-back one is they looks great in the front but I feel they made my heels look big.