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  1. Who wants one? Raise your hand!

  2. Also, you guys could help me out with the categories that the Shoe Forum should have.

    I want to keep it seperate from the PurseForum, that is for sure.
  3. Like a whole seperate website? Not just another new category?
  4. That is correct, a whole seperate website.
  5. i'd LOVE one!!
  6. ooo, that could be really fun!!! I don't know a whole lot about designer shoes, but another addiction to luxury couldn't hurt!!! ( well, actually, it could hurt... my budget that is!)


    I think it's a lovely idea.
  7. Oh great, another enabling forum :suspiciou


    Sounds like a good idea! I need to get into shoes more :nuts:
  8. Yes. I don't really pay all that much attention to shoes, right now -- sort of a lesser thing with me. I saw some really beautiful (jeweled!) Miu Miu party shoes in the latest March Vogue, though. That made me realize what works of art shoes can be! And it made me want them!
  9. Me Me Me !!!!!
  10. I just think that there'd be a demand for it... as I like to see myself as a provider I might as well throw one up. is already setup, I just need to get the board software and set it up. Hehe..
  11. *raises both hands and her feet*

    Oh and for categories, you should go similar to this one, with a general discussion, Show your shoe, Shoe discussion, Sales forum... For sub-cats, perhaps start with "Major designers" (Blahnik, Louboutin...)...
  12. Me, me, me (with both of my hands and feet up)!!!

    Shoe discussion and Deal & Steal and Seller's watch and Market place for sure. Not sure about Shoe showcase because it's kind of hard to present 100 pairs of shoes. General discussion is a maybe because we already discuss general stuffs here, but maybe it's good for people who do come to the PF at all.
  13. OMG! That is going to be so great!!
  14. Of course everyone wants one, but it might just be easier if it was just a subforum on

    I can see it now...a subforum for handbags, a subforum for shoes, a subforum for hats and hair accessories, a subforum for husbands and children.
  15. Ooo:huh:Oooo:huh:OOoo (doing my best horshack impression)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.