Shoe fit

  1. Hi!!! Just bought a pair of the Quilted Ballerina Slippers [​IMG] from Niemans. Does anyone know if these run true to size? Are they comfortable? They're on sale now, and if you use the code NMSHIP you'll get free shipping on them.:yahoo:
  2. They're adorable!!! I wear an 8 1/2 and with European sizes typically would be a 38.5 or 39. I bought a Burberry 39 and it is quite comfortable so I would say pretty true. I hope you love them!
  3. They are so cute. They run ture to size for me.
  4. thanks for the info ladies. i got a 36, which is what i wear w/ other eroupean brands (w/o socks), so hopefully they'll fit. can't wait till they arrive!!!