Shoe experts I need advice.

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  1. I got a great pair of shoes for an incredible price however the problem is that the fit me a little big and I don't want to return them.
    Does anybody know if the shoe repair man can alter the show somehow so that they fit me properly?
    Thank you!:smile:
  2. Are they big all over or just in certain places? Can you add padding to the heel or the ball of the foot to make them fit more snugly?
  3. They are big behind the heel. I bought heel cups to fix the problem. Hopefully it will work. In case I decide to go to the cobbler do you know something that he may be able to do?
  4. shopalot is right, they are the best! and if one isn't enough you can alvays glue 2 pairs in and it should work :smile:
  5. I would also add padding to the underside of the top of the shoe -- where you first put your foot in. That will help keep your foot from sliding forward. (A trick I learned from my foot doctor.)
  6. Those gel pads for the heel and ball of the foot should help make the shoes a better fit.
  7. I second foot petals - they work really well. If that doesn't work, you can try taking the shoes to a cobbler to see if they can sew in some moleskin. I've never tried that, but I've heard some of the ladies say that that can be done.
  8. ask the cobbler to put a pad on the ball of the shoe. Then you ask him to put leather/suede on the heels

    and then you put foot petals if it is still big :smile: this works for me all the time :smile:
  9. This is from my Blog:
    Problem: Your heels slide out of your shoes.
    How to Fix: Dr. Scholl's® Heel Liners….not the gel kind…they don't stay in place and roll up.

    I find this brand does not crumble after time.

    Ladies……if a pair of shoes feels a little tight in your normal size….go up a ½ size and then buy these. Those shoes fixed and perfect fit.
    Plus if they only have the shoes in the bigger size and not yours…..these make them the right size.