shoe dilemma

  1. I ordered these shoes (but in a darker brown) & when they got here I LOVED them, problem is my BF, his friend and his friend's 20 year old son all say that these shoes are so ugly it hurts to look at them.

    So, I need a second opinion.


    What do you guys think?
  2. I'm sorry. . . I don't like them either:shame:
  3. sorry.I dont like them either
  4. Are these any better or should I just give up on carlos clogs?


    Carlo's shoes are super comfortable for my feet in a 4" heel and I love the way that the toe shape makes my size 7.5 feet look tiny which is why I am trying so hard to find a pair of Carlos clogs for fall.
  5. i like the second one better.
  6. i dont like it, im so sorry:sad:
  7. I think the color of the first one is pasty. The second ones are CUTE CUTE CUTE- what website did you see them on. I need a pair!
  8. Not my style, but some of the Prada/Miu Miu shoes make your feet look tiny when they have a rounded toe and are the wedge platforms. I haven't seen any like that for the current season yet. Jill would know better.
  9. I like the 2nd ones better. IMO, the first one doesn't quite click and I think that's because somehow the jewel on the front doesn't jive with the more casual style of a clog/mule like these are.

    The 2nd one is cool!
  10. I like the second one better but they are just not my type. Sorry.
  11. If I had to choose between the two, I would say number 2. However neither are really my style.
  12. I think both would be fine with jeans.
  13. I am not fond of them...sorry...
  14. I think they're better in this colour (as they look more attractive with a tonal coloured jewel on the brown leather):

    Carlos by Carlos Santana Women's Deputy Clog [​IMG]

    I don't really like them enough to buy them myself, but I don't think they're ugly.

    In fact, large jewels and jewel-like metal studs are very 'in' for Autumn/Winter (Fendi [Bucket Bag], LV and Donna Karen [dresses], Missoni [alice bands]). Prada lead the pack (as usual), by showing them, black on black, last A/W. The only real difference is that, on the runway, they tended to be claw-set.

    Maybe you're a little ahead of your time! ;)
  15. I love the 2nd pair that you posted. If I could get myself to wear heels more often, I'd buy them myself! :smile: