shoe dilemma (of course)

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  1. i posted this in my other thread but not sure anyone would see it and i'm really torn.

    ok so here's my dilemma.

    i really love the vps (i think they're vps. closed back? hidden platform) but could only find the black kid with red tip (not in love) and the brown (like but not as practical as black) in my size. i really want a patent shoe and i prefer the same color tip. anyway today i found black patent with a black tip in a half a size bigger than mine. i tried this size on in the leather and they fit but my heel flopped out of them a bit.

    the dilemma comes to this: i am maxed out. seriously. the yellow shoes put me over the edge. but i can get these for under 600 which is a lot less than retail i think? so do i suck it up and buy them and sell one of my other pairs? i was thinking about selling my nude gold podiums because they're big on me. i could sell another pair but which? i love them all (even though i have only worn 2 pairs once each). what's a good deal for these? how rare are they exactly?

    help! please!
  2. if the other shoes don't fit you (the Podiums) then return them or sell them. Shoes that don't fit are NOT worth it....I'm sure many of us have learned the hard way. Within the past month, I have taken the plunge and either sold or donated the shoes that don't fit and I feel so much less guilty!

    So sell the Podiums and get the VPs :smile:
  3. are the vps real classics? the only thing i worry about is the height and if i'll wear them as much as i think i will. i LOVE the podiums but they do seem too big for me in the back and need more holes for the ankle strap. i should have returned them to the seller when i could. darn it. i wonder if i should email her that i'm going to sell them and see of she wants them back?
  4. I think that VPs are an absolute classic and a must for any CL collection. And the best thing is they are not only gorgeous and sexe but they are comfortable too :tup:
  5. awesome! i'm glad i bought them then! he he. thanks chins!
  6. Sell your Podiums if that's what you're considering, but definitley get the VPs. I don't have any VPs yet, but I love all of my NPs. They are comfortable, considering the heel height. Are you sure that the 1/2 size up would fit you though with heel grips on them?
  7. I would also sell the podiums. If they dont fit you wont feel confident in them, and isnt that what we pay so much money for?

    Btw if your podiums are a size 41 hit me up.
  8. I sooo agree!!
  9. I agree, sell the podiums and get the VP's. They are truly comfortable and they are a classic sexy shoe.