Shoe Dilemma..Help needed ASAP

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  1. I bought a hot pink dress, but i need to know what color shoe/sandal will look good w/it. I'm leaning towards black...not 100% sure if that will look good. Please help me out ASAP. Thanks :smile:
  2. I think for the summer months a subtle gold (NOT bright and flashy) or a nude would look fantastic! Good luck! :smile:

    xo, elle down
  3. Is it for day or evening? I'd say silver and strappy or maybe even lucite heels
  4. its a day dress at knee length.
  5. Don't suppose you have a picture do you?
  6. No i dont have a pic on me, but this is the closest one i found that looks like my dress. Its all one color, hot pink..However it has cap sleeves instead of spaghetti straps. Hope this helps.

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  7. I think that you should stay away from black if you can, there are some fabulous subtle silver or gold shoes that would look HOT!!!
  8. Silver or gold, not black
  9. Very cute and can just imagine the one you have, I think silver flat strappy sandals would be lovely
  10. I also vote for a subtle mettalic shoe. Stuart Weitzman has some really cute mettalic flats that would look great with it and would keep a casual day vibe.

    Something like this: (I found these on Zappos.)
  11. Thanks everyone for the help..i've decided to go w/silver.:smile:
  12. Good choice.
  13. Late to the party, but in case anyone else has a hot pink dress and has not decided yet, I would suggest deciding first which bling you will wear with it, and then choosing which metallic shoe will go best with the bling!
  14. Totally agree, not black...