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  1. Can you please PM your SA and his/her phone number?? :biggrin:
  2. Hi there:

    Yes, my SA is Jack Pfate and his phone is 702 770 3477......Evidently these went on sale a month ago, so I think sizes are now limited.....My usual SA would send me email about upcoming sales, but he no longer works there....so now my new SA is Jack....Feel free to tell him I sent you....My name is Karen Lee and I was in the store last night....I purchased the pink blush BB in size 40.....there is a 40.5 on display when I left....not sure what sizes are available in the other colors....I know there is an eel skin red BB but not sure what the price is....probably too rich for me....:biggrin:...good luck.....let me know how you make out.....

  3. Here is one of the deals I got today I am saving the best for last though.....
    atwood2.jpg Atwood.jpg
  4. Here is the amazing deal I got today
    ysl3.jpg yslretail.jpg yslprice1.jpg
  5. My conquest!
  6. Love this model in that shade! Really beautiful.
  7. Love the colour..
  8. Pour La Victoire

    Nasha Patent Leather Platform Sandals originally $230 now on sale $92.00 @ Saks Fifth Avenue