*SHOE DEALS* Share the love! Post any steals you find here.

  1. Cute!! What are they?
  2. _DSC1812.JPG
  3. I'm confused. Are you posting a deal or just advertising your blog?
  4. both? I did post the pic of my actual shoes though.

    I'm sure other's share their blogs too.

    I haven't been back to this site since like 2007 so i had some catching up to do.
  5. I want UGG Matilda Black size 8 should anyone see them please PM me. Thanks
  6. These are at Fantastic Finds in Sandy Springs GA(Atlanta). (404) 303-1313. Ask for Eli and she will ship within US only.

    Huge clearance going on here. These Dolce and Gabbana are in amazing condition...exotic with gold leather trim 38 for $79.50 minus 50%..., yes @$40 plus tax and shipping.

    And these Balenciaga Paris wedges in navy suede marked 36 on bottom for $69.50 minus 50% ...again, @ $35 plus tax & shipping.
    image-2560685239.jpg image-2830713157.jpg image-3588090708.jpg image-1121712011.jpg
  7. I bought a pair of black laced Givenchy ankle boots (RRP US$895) for $189 at the Hawaiian Barney's New York outlet last week.

    They also had, among others, chocolate Chloe flat riding boots ($250.50); knee-high Marni block heel boots ($190ish) and black knee-high YSL platform boots ($350)! Because I was visiting from overseas, I had to forgo these due to suitcase room!
  8. Help, help, does anyone know where I can find these Fendi Chameleon shoes at this point??? the low heel in black or brown size 10 or 11? Oh, is it no hope?

    Is it possible to contact any of the Fendi-stores? I can't find any contact info on their site.

    Thank's :smile:
  9. I was at Nordstrom Rack Houston today. There are about 5 pairs of AGL in the clearance section in sizes 37 and 37 1/2. They were misplaced in the 6 and 6 1/2 rack though. I assume there is not enough space in the 7 and 7 1/2 area. A pair of maroon flat suede with silvery tip, a few pairs of black patent with cream edging (approx. 1.5" heel). They are around $120.00, a steal for AGL. Most eBay deals are around $200. Also in the designer shoes area there are a few pairs of Salvatore Ferragamo in sizes 7 and 7 1/2, not classic lines like Varina or Vara, regular price: $179.99.
  10. Through the end of today, May 11 (which I assume means 12 a.m. PST since Ped's in CA), all full-price goods at Ped Shoes are 20% off when you enter MAYDAY at checkout. Look at these sweet Chie's I scored:
    [​IMG] (I posted this as a thread in Deals and Steals, but I figured it might be good to post it here, too, because I'm late spreading the word.)