*SHOE DEALS* Share the love! Post any steals you find here.

  1. Here is a good site that does the work for us. :smile:

  2. Marc Jacobs in SF is having a HUGE sale! $100 for select shoes! It's only in SF though...apparently they have all the stock in the entire country?
  3. I returned 2 pairs of the CL patent decolletes in 36.5 and 37. They should appear on the Saks website anyday now. Watch for them!
  4. I scored these mj's for a grand total of $161 on Zappos :love:
    Never underestimate the power of price matching!
  5. I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not buying the black and white ribbon ones that were on the Saks site during the sale for $285. I was all worried because I had spent a lot at the time, but I have spent loads more since then!!! LOL But, now I feel better that you said that they run 1/2 size big, b/c the size left probably would have been too big. hehe:p
  6. ^--- :roflmfao: Glad to be of service!
  7. Haha. Yes, thank you! You made me feel less irritated about it. Plus, I think somebody snatched them up and listed them on eBay for $600 starting bid. lol
  8. Yeah, I saw!

    Honestly, these ribbon shoes should be a part of every woman's collection. I'm a Loubie girl, but these ribbon Frisoni's (I've got three pairs!) make me feel sexy, ladylike and so glam at the same time. I think the price is justified for the way these shoes make me feel, but if I could have gotten them at the sale price, I'd be in heaven!
  9. Hey,
    Just as a heads up, www.footcandyshoes.com put a majority of their inventory at 50% off yesterday! They carry all kinds of brands like Louboutin, Manolo and Jimmy Choo. Check them out before all the sizes are gone!
  10. Super cute shoes