Shoe Cookies!

  1. Well I made these shoe cookies for a friend of mine and thought you all might like them:


    Seriously my kitchen aid mixer was my best Christmas gift! And the worst for me too lol.
  2. mmmmmm
    Those look great!!
    What a cute idea!
  3. OMGosh! How delectably yummy they look!!!
  4. How cute!
  5. wow! how cute and creative!
  6. o i love those!! you are such a good friend!
  7. Thanks :cutesy:

    I wanted to put little CCs and LVs all over them but I'm afriad I'm not that skilled at cookie decorations. Maybe if I had a bigger shoe cookie cutter I could.
  8. purly, that's so great. i would just love it if someone baked me shoe-shaped bikkies.
  9. How cute, purly! :love: