shoe cobbler in montreal?

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  1. hi, i've bought a pair of louboutin pumps from nap that are 1/2 size to big. i've worn them with insoles but they still don't fit properly (&i don't really like the look of the insoles when i take of my shoes). i'm just wondering if anyone knows a good shoe cobbler who can fix this problem in montreal. any info would be helpful. thank you :smile: :flowers:
  2. i bought a pair of louboutins that were 1/2 a size to big too. No insoles worked until i used dr.scholls open toe sandal gel insert and voila no cobler needed. Give them a try they might just work
  3. thanks angelie :smile:...i'll pop to the pharmacy as soon as i can. i hope it'll work.
  4. i hope so too. let me know how it goes
  5. HI Maria, I hope the gel soles work for you, that's what I normally do as well for shoes that are 1/2 size too big, plus those gel soles really make walking on high heels much more comfortable.
    If it still doesn't work, try Carinthia Shoe Co. (1228 St Marc, 514-9358475). This cobbler is recommended by the shoe shop (the name slipped my mind now) on Rue de la Montagne that sells Louboutins. I haven't used them yet though. I was trying out these Louboutin sandals but my skinny toes just slide forward too much so they suggested to call this cobbler to check if they can fit the straps for me. Let me know how it turns out.
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