Shoe Clips

  1. Ladies!
    do any of you like shoe clips or own any? or if you dont what do you think of them?

    I ran accross this site Absolutely Audrey and Aliza Darik and thought what a lovely way to add a little glam to plain shoes :idea:

    I know this isnt a novelty accessory or anything but while this could have been more common pratice during the victorian era or maybe even in modern day to jazz up wedding shoes how about just in general? Day to evening ? thoughts?

    If anyone had any would be lovely to see some pictures:tup:
  2. I don't own any, but they look really cute!
    But I'm afraid the clips will crease the leather? I can't see the actual clips on the website, so I don't know if it will be okay to keep them clipped on w/o damaging the leather.
  3. ive never used those but im thinkin u can also use clip-on earrings!
    it wont damage the leather of ur shoes too cos theres a soft cushiony at back of earring...

    they r also very good actually 2 update ur old pair of heels,... how 2 bring bak an old pair of heels brand new!
  4. I think that this is a great idea. I have seen lots of high end designer shoes that are just basic heels with a pretty ornament for ridiculous money - Jimmy Chooe and Zanotti come to mind. Considering that these clips are only $30, I think that it is totally worth it.
  5. Hi there
    Shoe clips have a special backing that is designed to fully clasp on the inside of the leather of a shoe without damaging it. I am the owner of Absolutely Audrey and I test all shoe clips before I post them on the website. If you would like to purchase a pair, you can use code "Free_Ship" and you will get free shipping. Happy Clipping!
  6. I love the idea of shoe clips. I actually first saw them on What Not To Wear but haven't seen any in stores. I would love to see some in person before i committ.
  7. hey, i'm hosting a giveaway this week and the prizes are two pairs of shoe clips from aliza darik. just leave a comment here from now until tomorrow, friday, november 16 by 11:59PM PST.
    i haven't gotten my shoe clips yet but i think they are a fantastic accessory to spice up your wardrobe and extend the life of your shoes.
  8. I haven't used them but I think it's a wonderful idea to dress up your shoes and make them more versatile.
  9. these are pretty ...
  10. Leda, I've used shoe clips before. My mother was a big shoeclip fan, and so I had a good resource of them when I got into my shoe craze. They're a great way to add some spice to your already loved or basic shoes. Check for some on eBay -- they sometimes have the older shoeclips from the 80's. I find that some of them are better made from that time, and very intricate.

    In fact, my mum's visiting this weekend -- perhaps she's got shoeclips on her shoes. If so, I'll take a pic!
  11. Fate would love to see more pictures of shoe clips on shoes.. while you are at it do us ALL a favour and post more pics of your shoes .. we are in desperate need of more of your shoe eye candy.
  12. love the black bow on the high black boots from ALIZA DARIK site looks so cute!!
  13. my mom and i use to use them in the late 80s/early 90s...when even payless sold shoeclips. since they have been sort of hard to find...i just used clip-on earrings like my chanels...they spice up my CL yoy0 85s