Shoe Challenge: Patent Mary Jane in a...

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  1. $200 max price point! :yes:

    I have mixed feelings about this and would want to try it out on a reasonably-priced budget first before I go full force on "the one" (Miu Miu or YSL)...

    I am optimistic it will go with my wardrobe in the colder months but until I have done my little road test on a cheaper pair ($200 max), I'm not quite ready to splurge.

    As for the details, I am open to any style (T-strap, etc) but has to have the following elements:
    - Patent Leather
    - Round toe (or squarish but NOT pointy)
    - at least 3 inches heels
    - Made elsewhere but China (Italy might be tough coz of the price but Spain or Brazil??)

    Thanks, ladies, and I'm sure no order is too tall for PFers so keep 'em coming!! :tup:
  2. Peep toe...but fits criteria (Steven)

    Calvin Klein

    Jeffrey Campbell (thicker heel though)

    Steve Madden

    A whole page of mary janes in black with 3" and above...LOL

    There are more, but I have to run for a bit...I'll be back later and I'm sure you will have other responses. :smile:

    I just got the Miu Miu ones though TODAY and I LOVE THEM. I was lucky to score them for $150 from Nordstrom's though...a lot better than $430, which is what they should cost if you can find them.

    P.S. Another TPF member just got the cutest pair of black patent Moschino T-strap ones. I'm not quite sure how much they ended up costing, but they looked awesome on her (she is a pretty lady w/ rockin' legs hehe). I believe she got them from Zappos though! That would be another great place to check for some other styles.

  3. How about this one by Charles David...I saw it in the store and it is really cute!!! And if I am understanding right...they are @ $150.00. These were from, and the style is Jacey
  4. ^^^^ Oops...didn't see the round-toe bit!!!
  5. Ashakes!!! Which Nordstrom??? Regular one or the Rack? If they were $150, even better! Or are they all gone? :crybaby:
  6. annemerrick-- lol, yeah I'd prefer it round toe.. and I have tried these Charles David's in burgundy but returned them... They are nice shoes but the button on the strap is a little loose and creates a gap between the strap and the the shoe when worn-- looks odd...
  7. caught me before I really am going to go sit down and read medical journals. LOL

    They were at a regular Nordstrom's. I apparently grabbed the last pair. It's my understanding that the mary janes in black are all sold out (at least on sale), BUT I could be completely wrong.

    I do a lot of phone orders, charge sends, online shopping at NM, Saks, etc. So, I had called Las Vegas Nordstrom's to see b/c I always have good luck when I visit there and she told me that they had sent all of their Miu Mius to their store in San Diego? So, she directed me there and the SA randomly found me a size 39 and he said it was their last. He actually had a tough time finding the other half.

    I know there are ones listed on Ebay, but some people are wanting more than retail! Netaporter also has them for $430 I believe.

    It was just really random how I ended up getting them. I got them today via DHL and they were strangely marked clearance for $149.90. I had to pay tax and had them overnighted b/c I need them for an event on Sat. and total it ended up costing me $178 or so?

    If you end up finding them, they run true to size inside footbed wise, but they are fairly narrow. I would size up 1/2 size if possible. I'm wearing them right now in hopes that I can stretch them a bit. LOL Otherwise, for being so high and what not, they are comfortable to me.

    IMO, fabulous shoes, but I wouldn't have paid retail for them and I pay $$$ for all of my shoes.

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks so much! maybe I can call random stores and see.. thanks again!
  9. Yes you should definitely try Steve Madden/Steven shoes because he has tons of shoes that are similar to the designer brand for less.
  10. I have a pair of Via Spigas that I got for ~$50 on sale at Macys. They look exactly like the Charles Davids posted above and they're VERY VERY comfy.
  11. You're welcome. I just got lucky and found them within 5 min. LOL Trust me, that never happens to me. I'm the one that calls 20 stores before finding what I'm on the hunt for. Hopefully you find them. If not, let us know what you end up picking! :smile:

  12. I have them too and totally recommend!
  13. Thanks, ladies! I was actually at Macy's in Herald Square today for the sale (total zoo, btw) and browsed through the shoes (more chaos!), I saw a mary janes from Anne Klein New York that I really liked, they were mary janes and t-strap, patent, etc.. but they only had it in grey and burgundy so I thought I'll search it online-- I stored in memory the style name but alas, I got home and forgot!!!! They were $225 or something (I would think new for the fall season)... I might just have to go back there and get the name again...