Shoe boots/ Booties - so last season by next year?

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  1. I fell in love with a pair of CL shoe boots, but am wondering if I should spend so much money if it will look really dated by next season. I have a pair of shoe boots and love how comfortable they are. Pumps and heels often pinch my feet. I'm thinking of wearing them to work, with black tights and a dress. Would really like to get your opinions on whether shoe boots are just a passing trend or will I be able to wear them for a while. Thanks so much!
  2. I wouldn't splurge on a vibrant color, as the "it" shoe color comes and goes. I would suggest to get a neutral (black, brown, etc.), at least this way you will be able to get more wear out of them for up coming seasons.
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  4. i consider booties like boots.. they're just another style of shoe, to me they'll never go out of fashion.. maybe they're more popular at the moment than in the recent past, but they're always around.. i've got a pair that i got 3 or 4 years ago which is still "in"..
  5. If they aren't as in style next year, you could still wear them with pants/jeans anytime. I love booties.
  6. Here to stay. At least for me. And I don't buy into trends.
  7. Trend-wise, shoe boots or booties have been "in" for at LEAST three years. If they are on their way out, it will be a slow demise because they weren't a flash in the pan. The longer the trend lasts, the slower it is to go away. Additionally, heeled shoes or shorter boots are always appropriate with pants, so even if they end up on the "out" list they will still be easy to wear.
  8. I've got booties that are 6 or 7 years old, so they are always somewhat in style. Whether or not the heels will be as high as this year may change, & I would be skeptical about the longevity of open-toe booties, but a black, brown, ivory, or other neutral should be wearable, particularly if it 'works' withing your overall wardrobe.

    I also like booties for spring & fall when a covered shoe is nice, but taller boots can get too warm.
  9. i never wear booties with a skirt...i do think that is a "fad". sure, some people can pull it off, but the vast majority cannot. it wont last. but that does not mean that booties will not last! they are just an ultra short version of the short boot, which has been around for years....and they are definitely more comfortable, but still look professional. thats a rare mix, and to me guarantees that it will be appropriate for work wear for years to come.
  10. I've always preferred ankle boots to those knee high boots.
    I guess this is also cuz of my shortness (I'm 5'2) so ankle boots work better for me.
    They've been around forever, so I don't really consider this STYLE as a trend.
    However if you're talking about a bootie (or any shoe) that's really colorful, multi-patterned, shiny/sequined...etc. (I can think of CL's JS bootie now...), then THIS is a trend.

    In the end, I think if you're really loving it, then regardless of whether it's in or not, you should buy it.:yes:
  11. I'm with Hautemama and CEC. I bought some John Fluevog ankle boots 3 years ago. They looked fab then. They look fab now. They'll look fab in the future. Go for what you like. I think boot height is going to become like hem length--there's no one "in" way to go; it's whatever suits your personal style.
  12. I have ankle boots from almost 3 years ago and I still get compliments when I wear them. I purchased a lower heel bootie last year to help my back, but I'm still wearing heels less so they aren't really getting much outing time.
  13. They wouldn't happen to be the Mini Lover would they (lace up the side)?
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