shoe-bag help

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  1. i am going to buy these gorgeous ballerinas
    and i would love to find a matching bag! i'm sure you ladies are far smarter than i am.... price? from 1 to 500 euros/dollars...
    please, consider that i am living in rome!
    thank you girls :heart:
  2. Hi sweetie!!!

    I looooove those ballerinas!!!!:love: The bag is nice too but i would suggest the silver charlotte's soooo cute:heart:

    Here is a pic of my lovely bag!!!
    silver24pf1.jpg silver24pf2.jpg
  3. oh my gosìd yes you are right.......i am such an idiot, you have this gorgeous bag and i forgot!!!!
  4. anyway, i'd like other suggestions too beacuse they might not have the charlotte at the shop!
  5. i'm sure that you will find that bag!!! call your local GD store and ask!!!!
  6. Divina_lucilla, the GD is beautiful - IMHO you should try your very best to get one before thinking of other options :biggrin:
  7. darelgirl and passerby, i think you are right! tomorrow, i'll go to the darel store!!
  8. Good luck and look out for any new GD bags :smile:
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