Shoe Art - Everyone please participate

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  1. I would love for everyone to pick a shoe, it doesn't have to be a favorite and compose an artistically pleasing photograph. This will be so much fun!!!!!!

    Here's mine!

    Madeleine ANTHRACITE 001 LR.jpg
  2. Very pretty, and a wonderful idea.
  3. My computer has been arguing with me off & on when I try to embed/paste photos, so I will try to paste & also do an of them should work. (Vista really does drive me apes*&$ bonkers!)

    So, this is my almost empty tree that is in process of being taken down matched with my 'Peppermint Stripe' shoes. Maybe I'll make Christmas cards for next year....

    Peppermint Shoes.JPG
  4. Another one.... (I probably should have picked a different shoe)

    VP 001.jpg
  5. More shoe art...
    Madeleine on the Menu 001 LR.jpg Madeleine on the Menu 002 LR.jpg
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Gorgeous, ladies! :drool:

    I might join in later...
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    My friend is a Pro and works for Neiman Marcus. She used my shoes for her portfolio to get on there. These are some of the pictures. She does people too....that is where my picture came from.
    Green Prada
  9. Red Louboutins
  10. [​IMG]
    Black Prada
  11. Fendi Spy
  12. Manolo Campari
  13. Ring Lizard Manolos
  14. Fendi
  15. Manolo Blahnik