Shoe and handbag faux paus??

  1. Okay, I have been wondering this for a while and I am not sure if I am overthinking it or not.....I get very confused when I am wearing black shoes or carrying a black bag.....I know that you shouldn't coordinate your shoes and bag (that is tacky!), but all of the color combinations, I get confused when it comes to black!

    What color shoes should you wear if you are carrying a black bag or what color bag should you use if you are wearing black shoes? Is there some sort of rule?? I read in some glossy magazine a while ago that you when you have a black bag, you have to wear a black shoe.

    What do you all think??? :weird:
  2. I like a red bag with black shoes, or maybe gold with black shoes. Then red shoes with black bag etc. :smile:
  3. if carrying a black bag, i'll wear pretty much any color shoe except brown.
    personally, i try not to mix black and brown accessories.
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